Every Feel Like There Is Just Too Much?

Sorry for the no update. Well life happens. Lately life has been happening a lot lately. I'm preparing for a art series release. A book release, and Comic-Con is looming on the horizon. That means more art. Painting, writing and technical stuff for publishing that I am having to fudge my way through.

As any self-published author can tell you. Publishing your own book is a lot of hard work. There is layout to consider. Cover Design, Editing, Obtaining a ISBN, Creating a Website, Securing Printing and creating a sales portal and figuring out audio books. All are huge things. Promotion and trying to secure places to sell are the big things.

This is why traditional publishing is still the dream of most authors. As an author no one wants to have to wake up and do ten jobs a day. For me its closer to twelve.

That's what I'm doing, because I've never obtained that magical agent who is going to spin out of control and love my work.

The word agent to me is something I acquaint with unicorn right now. A mythical creature who is only available to the pure of heart and truly blessed. If you see the dirty laundry piling up in my basement and the stack of dirty dishes in my sink you know I'm not that pure of heart. I work hard the people around me who support me work hard.

Day's like today make me feel like I have about six ice cream cones in my hand I'm trying to keep them all from dripping and ruining my new dress.

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