Barnes & Noble Could Be Poised For a Hostile Takeover by Amazon.

Nether After Book Locations

Brick-and-mortar bookstore Barnes & Noble has been struggling under the weight of online retailers, namely (AMZN), and now the company’s depressed stock price makes it an appealing takeover target.

According to investors place Laura Hoy. "The firm that is likely to be interested in adding BKS to its business is the company that single-handedly pressured the bookstore into this position- Amazon. AMZN has recently made a push into having its own physical bookstores, and Barnes and Noble's locations could be easily converted into Amazon locations with very few expensive upgrades."

Laura Hoy went on to say,

"Not only has Barnes & Noble followed in Amazon’s footsteps by offering an electronic e-reader, but BKS locations have a designated space in each store where the e-readers are sold. That would make it relatively easy for Amazon to rebrand the stores and sell their own Kindle devices."

If AMZN wants to grab up Barnes & Noble it might not only be for the retail stores. Currently Barnes & Noble has several warehouses that they operate out of warehouses are something retail brick and mortars must have. With AMZN opening new central distribution in the Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Airport hub we could see these traditional warehouses being necessary for Amazon Prime to quickly move and ship there goods around the world. Only time will tell if this is the end of the book selling giant.

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