Nether After A Dark Fantasy by Jodi Cox

Between life and death lies the eternal twilight of the Nether After. A realm ruled by an aristocracy of necromancers who collect the souls of the dead and use the last moments of human life to fuel their magic spells.


Fifteen-year-old Faust Thaed is only a necromancer in training, but he bears the burden of harvesting ghosts for his family. When his mother is mysteriously declared insane and is abducted by the secret police, Faust sets out on a dangerous mission to find her in the unforgiving netherworld.


World War Six is about to break loose between the ruling families, and there are rumors of necromancers performing hideous experiments on the dead they’re sworn to protect. His loyalties and powers are about to be tested, and if he’s not careful about who he trusts, Faust may find himself sealed in the Asylum of the Damned for all eternity.


A Dark Fantasy Steampunk story written by Jodi L. Cox.

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